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Thank you so much for speaking about this issue, I would like to add, Many many years ago, I had a dog with Parvo's, Now his brother had just been put down from it and the owners of this dog didn't have the money to put him in the vet for a few days, so they had him put down :( at the moment my dog started getting physically sick, I rushed him to a different vet, and since I was low income and also couldn't afford to put him in the vet for a few days, I asked the Vet if he could sell me the medication and IV's and let me take care of Rocky at home, he understood and did sell me all I needed for $148.00 which was much easier then the over $2000.00 they wanted to do it for me. Rocky didn't fight when I did the IV's or put my hand down his throat to put the pills down. He is a 1/2 Rot 1/2 Akita and knew I was only helping him. He is a happy 14 year old dog now, and God Bless that vet for allowing me to get everything I needed to save him. Ask your vet for the medicine and instructions if you can't afford to keep him there to be treated, some vets are more than willing to help you in any way possible to save the life of a beloved pet.
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Feb 22, 2013