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Lou Champney
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I am so disappointed to have lost out on the valentines bonus, I tried as hard as I could, but couldn't get the help I needed, I have plenty of trees so couldn't understand why I didn't get more valentines when I harvested the fruit off the trees? I was so close to getting the last item, the tent, I had almost enough to get it,& was so excited, but then when I clicked on the tree, it told me it was expired! I was devastated, working so hard to come up empty! for some reason my game has been telling me to refresh, & when this happened once, I lost one of my wells! i thought perhaps it would come back, like some of the other things, but so far it hasn't! It cost me a lot of money just to loose it, & it was at a really bad time to cause I was having a hard time trying to get enough water for my roses, even though I have three, I thought by buying the 4th well I would be able to have enough water! I help everyone that asks me for help,& trust me that is a lot! but have a hard time getting the favor returned!I Love helping people though so will keep on doing it! just hope will get favors returned? I do Love this game, much better than farmville! you folks have made it so enjoyable to play it! Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is much Appreciated!!
I have been wondering when the little piggy's would appear!they are so adorable, especially when they are babies! I am looking forward to seeing them being available to us,& the other things that will come also! you are making this game very enjoyable,so much so that I play it more, & more often! can't wait to see what's coming next! Thank you team for all your hard work! much Appreciated!!
Toggle Commented Feb 23, 2013 on Sneak Peek: Pigs at FarmVille 2
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Feb 22, 2013