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Teine Kenney
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You're welcome Daddy, stay tuned for the "share" feature. Now your ideas and thoughts can be read by even more people. I'm so proud of you! love, teine
Daddy, these stories are forming a fantastic book. We all talk about the miracles of your survival as a child with Ema and Papa: the kids know these stories by heart (and take appropriate liberties when excitement needs more (!) ramping up or memory fails). I can't wait to see this whole volume printed. You are giving our family such a gift. Thank you for taking the time to write it all down. (Sini and I are surprised by the photos you've included that we've NEVER seen!) Thank you to Mama for being your editor in chief. Keep writing! Love, Teine
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Apr 23, 2013
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Apr 23, 2013
^Daddy (hahah)
Hi Daddu, Hoping to see your post show up on my FaceBook timeline. I signed in using FaceBook, this time. It'd be great to have a link to share your writings on social media sites Love, Teine
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Feb 28, 2013