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Gary M. Levin
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This is no easy ride. Unfortunately it is just the tip of an iceberg. The machinations of whoever devised the plan ignored the complexities of health insurance. Actuarial information is an 'estimate' at best. The early failure of enrollments will doom the remainder of the plan(s) Those who devised, planned, and are still promoting Obamacare already have egg on their face. They are only interested in saving face, not the welfare of patients, or providers. A lot is being made about patient-centric medicine...It should carry over to hospitals, and the government. Government seems to be lacking common rules of etiquette and caring for those who pay their salaries. ...
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Yes, it is a great challenge keeping up with all segments of digital health. We seem to have an overlapping interest and perhaps collaborate in the future
Toggle Commented Oct 29, 2013 on The Digital Health Revolution at HealthBlawg
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Agree,,,Garbage in, garbage out...Looks like a need for a new infographic or usable display...raw data gives me a migraine, and nystagmus
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Mar 7, 2013