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Douglas W. Portmore
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From Andrew Forcehimes: Date: July 12-14, 2017. Location: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Confirmed Keynote Speakers: David Brink (University of California, San Diego) Julia Driver (Washington University at St. Louis) Douglas Portmore (Arizona State University) Michael Smith (Princeton) The aim of... Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2016 at PEA Soup
Disclaimer: This is way outside of my wheelhouse. So the chances that this is just misguided are great. But it’s my month to post and I’m answering the editor’s (Half-Assed) Plea for Half-Assedness. Many moral skeptics appeal to the following... Continue reading
Posted Feb 17, 2015 at PEA Soup
Many philosophers (such as J. H. Sobel, R. J. Wallace, G. Harman, M. Bratman, and J. D. Velleman) endorse something along the lines of the following normative requirement regarding intention: R1: It is impermissible/irrational for S both to intend to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 2, 2014 at PEA Soup
Consider Newcomb’s Problem: “A psychology professor at your school has a reputation for being brilliant as well as possessed of an enormous fortune she has dedicated to her research. One day you get a request to report to her office... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2014 at PEA Soup
Arizona State University's newly redesigned PhD in Philosophy features a focus on Practical and Applied Philosophy. Practical Philosophy includes the fields of ethics, aesthetics, philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, and feminist ethics and political philosophy. Applied Philosophy includes... Continue reading
Posted Dec 11, 2013 at PEA Soup
In an earlier post, I claimed that Regan’s Utilitarianism and Co-operation is important because it shows that in order for a moral theory to be plausible it must require of agents something beyond just the performance of certain actions—in other... Continue reading
Posted Aug 16, 2013 at PEA Soup
[This post is related to my previous one, but this won’t be apparent until the very end.] Some options are more specific than others. One option is more specific than another if and only if the performance of the one... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2013 at PEA Soup
One of the great works of recent moral philosophy is Don Regan’s Utilitarianism and Co-operation (New York: OUP, 1980). Although the theory that Regan argues for in the book (viz., cooperative utilitarianism) is, I believe, untenable, I think that Regan... Continue reading
Posted Aug 13, 2013 at PEA Soup
So the results are in. 63% of the respondents said that they would have most reason to refrain from making such significant sacrifices. 62% said that they would not be morally required to make such significant sacrifices. And 77% denied... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2013 at PEA Soup
This concerns the same prompt: Here it is: Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2013 at PEA Soup
Please take the survey here: UPDATE: And this one too: If you want a preview before deciding whether to take the survey, see below the fold. PROMPT: Consider the following hypothetical situation: If everyone (or even just nearly... Continue reading
Posted Mar 9, 2013 at PEA Soup
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