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Manny - I see what your saying and I think their may be some value to you freshman English teachers remarks about generalities, but I am confused by your comments. People DO pay cable companies for MTV - right? MTV isn't a major network, so its not free - it might not be pay-per-view, but either way, doesn't make for a strong argument. Also, the success of Spotify lies in the paid fan market - the free version is simply a gateway to the pay version... so again, what point are you trying to make? If you are arguing that because a free market exists a paid market doesn't, than I am afraid your argument makes little to no sense. Free and paid markets are not mutually exclusive - they can co-exist. In fact, I would say that one way of summarizing your points and the points of the author is that there will ALWAYS be a free and paid market for music, and that one will always speak directly to other. I think you probably both agree more that you realize.
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Mar 29, 2013