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Jonathan Stuart Berkey
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Michón Neal is a minority of minorities: female assigned at birth, mostly black, disabled, genderqueer, aromantic, pansexual, kinky, demisexual, poor, noetisexual, polyamorous, singleish, RA, a survivor, intersex, and left-handed. Brings to mind this:
Wheesh, look at all the highbrow conversation. Little plebian ol' me just wanted to drop in to recommend the second embedded video from this article's first link (that would be Franklin's artblog): 20th Century Man, by Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club. I've no doubt David especially appreciated the line: "And I'm the first to take Art to a 'Whole New Level,' make it so full of sh!t, that you gotta bring a shovel."
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Apr 1, 2013