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it amazes me that some folk think that the international marine boundaries are subject to what ever change they want to put into it, the movement of the boundary in 1999 was set by west minster through a back door policy without any vote, therefore should Scotland gain independence next year the international boundaries would be reestablished as they were previously, no one in their right mind could say that rUK waters lay just off Dundee, really get real. I accept that Scotland should take a share of the current UK debt at a per capita rate, however the point regarding the "Scottish Banks" is ridiculous as the other poster mentions there is already guidelines laid out as to how any share would be dealt with in regards where the banks operations are, with that Scotlands share of the RBS and HBOS bail out would be around 10% of the total amount. It surprises me that when the oil is talked about the full value of the 90-95% revenue is never actually attributed to Scotland to show how it would effect the balance sheets after independence. go figure it out folks, Scotland would do very well thank you and would be well placed to get rid of its debt reasonably quickly, getting to a point where it could even become a lender to rUK to help them out with their then spiraling debt...
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Apr 15, 2013