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And, as well, I was warned off of James Joyce and Wagner. Fortunately, nothing took.
We rewrite all the time, no? Well, except for Robin Hobb, Miss Lightning Fingers (and the mind to go with that). The description of this particular work immediately reminded me of delightful novels of yesteryear, wry and, therefore, compelling. Today's agents are all about money, the day of the gentleman/woman agent not even a distant memory except by those who knew them. I will say that I was startled at your use of a plural pronoun, "their" instead of his (or hers), gender dependent. It amused me because you are not lacking in education, as well, you're smart, and smart is in another category.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2013 on Writing is Rewriting at What If You Could Not Fail
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May 4, 2013