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Jeff Poole
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Congratulations Neven! The First Great Melt of 2007 turned me on to the simple fact that we have now broken the climate system beyond repair and I've been learning all I can about the ice caps and their effect on weather ever since. This blog has been an island of sanity and interest for this grizzled old climate campaigner. I've been lurking and enjoying the debates and flood of new information about the cryosphere almost since the blog's beginning. Now that you're known to the MSM prepare yourself for the tsunami of anti-science trolls... With deep respect and admiration Jeff
2.5 minimum. Based on little more than watching thin ice melt faster than thick... And here's another prediction - the mainstream media will all ignore it. Then they'll act all surprised when the blocking weather patterns do a rerun of last year's weather...
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May 6, 2013