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grey rabbit
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you probably won't care and may even think i have a right cheek as i don't write a blog myself..... but can i say, very politely that i really miss you and your great pics of the birds, the garden , your animals and everything else you care to share with your reading public. I hope you are fit and well and haven't worn yourself away with all that running and are now too feeble to tap the keys. take care susan.
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I can imagine myself living in that house, albeit as a servant which I fear would be my station in life when that it was built. I could work my way up to housekeeper, with a seat in that rocking chair by the range. The sanitary arrangements would be a drawback... I am just old enough to remember having to use one of that type of loo in a local "tea garden" and the stench and flies in summer were stupendous ! By the way still reading your archives, you mentioned trying to buy oatcakes at the butchers in Bolton, you should have been directed to the market, in this area you buy them on the markets with your cut bacon and boiled ham etc. Somewhere like Redman's. I was brought up on them too, yum yum and they are still around to buy in Lancashire. Our butcher sells his own made suet "rag" puddings, still steamed in muslin and called dead man's leg by us as children and therefore not a favourite with me. I do hope you will carry on with the blog. I know I'm a newbie but I would really miss you if you stopped. Susan.
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Wow I have never seen anything like that tree before , it really is spectacular and I could look at those berries all day. I wonder if they are that colour as a kind of natural poison warning ? and how big are they ? I would love one of those in my garden but it is probably too cold and damp here in north west England. The scottie quilt is lovely and you have somehow managed to give them a slightly different character !
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your photos are very good !I used to like a few days away in winter, somewhere with lots to see and Cambridge is certainly that ! I found your blog last weekend and like it so much I've gone back to read the lot! this is proving expensive as I have ordered a birdy stamp set to rip off your christmas tag idea, a knitting pattern and large amount of wool and am already half the way up the back of a cardigan you've probably worn out and sent for re cycling ! The thing is that I really didn't need to start another project having two or three on the go already, but I just had to do it and I know you know that feeling.... I love seeing your house and all its quirks, my own is from a similar era though built of red brick not stone. We too have a bit of stained glass tho' some of it could do with a bit of TLC. and we need a couple of replacement windows but I want someone who can replace the victorian beauties and I'm not sure there is anyone who can. Right back to dec 2009 for me ! thanks Susan
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somehow it isn't gruesome and she is a beauty, a titian haired beauty. now she would be lampooned, or whatever they call it on twitter, as a ginger, sadly. I think we all have always looked much the same as we did then and that beauty is always beautiful, just that fashion goes in and out and round and round. you can see the fanciable types with the glint in their eye in a lot of old paintings. plus ca change etc
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sounds like a pioneer's shopping list ! susan
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