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What a lovely idea! I especially love the hidden Alleluia that won't be fully revealed until Easter. Your family is blessed to have such a dedicated mother and wife to point them toward Christ.
Happy Belated Birthday, Dawn! It looks like you had a lovely day filled with family and happiness. (The cake your mother made looks delicious!)
Happy Anniversary, Bill and Dawn, and may you be blessed with many, many more!
Thank you for sharing this. I believe I'll need to reread this a few more times. I love the concept and I think that, to an extent, I do this mentally now, but have never put the "picture" on paper. I tend to be "all or nothing" at times and am afraid that I could become a bit discouraged if the real event did not work out quite like the "rough draft" :) Definitely food for thought.
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Today we are expecting rain/freezing rain/snow - that beloved "wintry mix". While I usually prefer all snow, I'm not sure how I'd feel about that two feet that you are to receive! Your pictures are lovely - the cloche is beautiful. I had an aunt who grew the most beautiful African violets; she had the light stands and was so careful with them. Unfortunately, I apparently have none of those green genes :) Your plant inspires me to try again, though! Stay warm and safe through the storm.
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So glad to hear that you are safe - thank you for the update. Hoping that you will continue to stay warm and not lose power throughout this storm. Enjoy some of that coffee (or tea or cocoa) as you watch the birds today :)
I don't homeschool but enjoyed this post very much - the dedication, care, and love with which you prepare is obvious and your children are blessed to have you as their primary educator! I am looking forward to your posts concerning Shirley Ann and Emma's questions. I am DRE as well as a high school catechist at our small parish but believe that I am going to begin homeschooling my children in religious education next year (for various reasons) and truly want to keep Sundays a family day. Stay safe - I saw the warnings for your area as well!
Happy birthday, Dawn! What a beautiful gift - it looks lovely on you. Many blessings to you today and throughout the year!
Thank you for sharing the sunny and happy photos. I, too, like Denise, would need a tutorial - not creative but enjoy creating! I'm looking forward to watching as the chicken posts develop - we had them as a child and I loved them. ( If I could ever get my husband to clean out our old chicken coop - he's quite busy, in his defense :) - I would like to raise them again.
I love this post - keeping it real and showing your determination (and your cute baby sleeping amongst the laundry doesn't hurt, either :) Looking forward to seeing the final product!
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Merry Christmas, Dawn - hope you're enjoying every minute!
Thank you for such an honest and touching post. Your family is obviously such a blessing to you- as you are to them. My favorite line is "... we love him, dearly, for all he is right this minute." That is all that God asks of any of us, isn't it? Happy birthday and many blessings to EB and you sweet father!
I have two favorite joys. The first is lighting the advent wreath candles in the evening before dinner - we take turns reading a daily gospel, meditation, and prayer before mealtime grace. The second joy is mine alone - having a cup of coffee (early morning) or tea (at night) when everyone is in bed. Everything is dark except for our Christmas tree lights and maybe a few candles. It is so peaceful. I hope Earlybird has a wonderful birthday!
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What a beautiful and touching tribute to your mother. You are both very blessed, and it is such a good thing to show love and appreciation to those whom we hold dearest while they are still here with us. I miss my own mother most at such occasions as these and your post brought me to grateful tears for the time we did have. Happy birthday to your mother and may you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!
Happy 8th Birthday By Sun and Candlelight! I discovered your blog a few years ago and am so glad that I did. Your blog is truly inspiring, beautiful, but most of all, a true testament to the blessed privilege of the vocation of wife and mother. Have a beautiful weekend :)
What great topics - I'm looking forward to it! I hope Little Bear feels better soon.
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Blessings to you and your family as well! Thank you for the recipe - they look delicious. What a wonderful feast day tradition! I enjoyed your maple sugaring post as well, especially the photo of Little Bear having a little taste (I will take your word for it that he enjoyed it!)
I would be lost without my lists! My daily planner is organized into daily contents for the week as well as a typical month layout with squares. There are also pages before each month in which I place "things to do" for the month. I find the daily check-off's most rewarding, however :) Thank you for your detailed explanations of your lists/file crate system which you've shared - while I am "not there" yet, it is inspiring and filled with great ideas from which I pull "pieces" which work for me.
My daily kitchen tasks involve wiping down all of the counters, cleaning (or shining -depending on if I used it) my glass stove top, cleaning the sinks/faucet, and sweeping the floor most evenings. I do have to watch clutter - like so many others, the end of our counter easily becomes the "drop off" zone for papers, mail, etc.; I try to clean it off every night or at least organize it into a few items which need to be addressed the next day. Some of my favorite cleaning items include my Reveal Spray Mop which I fill with my own cleaning solution (usually Lysol floor cleaner), Mrs. Meyers Clean Day solution and countertop cleaners, BarKeepers Friend powder for pots and pans, and a microfiber cloth for stainless steel to shine appliances. Love some of the suggestions here - what a timely topic for spring cleaning :)
What a beautiful and inviting room - thank you for the tour. I think having books everywhere is a wonderful idea. Loved seeing the First Meals cookbook - I used it when my children were little as well.
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So sorry - I should have said I "go to" work - I stayed home until my children were school aged and worked harder most days than I do now during the day at my "paid" job ;)
I'm most definitely a morning person. I enjoy the peace and stillness of early morning, before anyone else is out of bed. I need to be up by 5:15 (I work) in order to be ready before the rest of the family, so I try to set my alarm for 4:45 on most days for quiet devotion time with a cup of coffee. I am off in the summer and still enjoy being up by 5 most days for the same and to watch the sun rise. I no longer have little ones - wish I would have known about your Morningtime music when they were! This was one of our favorite evening ones: Celtic Lullabies: Dreaming for Little Ones I'm sure the winner and her little one will enjoy your giveaway!
Enjoy your nature time - it's wonderful to experience the "newness" again through the eyes of little ones!
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I enjoy meal planning and find it very helpful when our families' schedule becomes hectic (soccer season :), although that is often when I find it difficult to stick to my plan! Our deep freezer was cleaned and organized recently and I made a list of everything in it so I can cross items off as I use them. We recently purchased a side of beef from my cousin and seeing exactly what I have to use has really helped. I don't usually keep a "stock" of other meat but purchase according to our menu plan. This Lent I have decided to try to make better use of what is in my pantry as well before replenishing everything. We rotate some family favorites with new recipes that I find, often in magazines or from websites (I enjoy and Our families' schedule dictates the menu; if I know it's going to be a very busy week with little time to cook I will try to prepare food on the weekend - soups, casserole, etc. I really need to make better use of my slow cooker. This week's menu: Monday - baked chicken, baked potato, corn Tuesday - pulled pork sandwiches, macaroni and cheese Wednesday - leftovers (busy night) Thursday - sandwiches (from son's school sale), baked potato soup Friday - tuna casserole, steamed broccoli, salad Saturday - homemade pizza night I enjoy Kitchen Chat - wonderful ideas!
Beautiful photos - love the room! (I would find it hard to leave on days like the one you just shared :)
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