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Fantastic post, Michael! I absolutely LOVE how you clarify key things like multi-tasking vs. task-switching and flow-challenge/flow-ease. And I'm a huge fan of mindfulness. That said, I'd like to contribute a slightly different perspective. I notice that the article starts off on the premise that being a 'successful' *adult* is a good thing, and so we should delay gratification, and not be (foolish?) children. but from what I can tell (research, personal experience, simple observation and pattern recognition), children and people with child-like qualities in general, are much, much happier, and a happier life could be said to be a more 'successful' life. In fact, many of our world's "most successful" (giant celebrities) lived a life of instant gratification. For example, Drake often sings (and his producer often tells) the nail-biting tale of how he spent a $1,000 on champagne before they'd been signed or sold any albums. And depending on which biographies one reads, one can find many stories of instant-gratification-gone-right. Soooooo... What does this second perspective mean? Well to me, it indicates that you'r e still right, and I still love your post, most people could use a deeper understanding of delayed gratification, but at the same time, perhaps a BALANCE is needed, or perhaps a LIFE of instant-gratification can be awkward at the beginning but "made workable?" Either way, hopefully there's some food for thought here and some discussion starters. Keep ryzin'! :) -J P.S. I never thought I'd see the words "Creative" and "Lawyer" together. I LOVE IT.
Toggle Commented Apr 20, 2013 on Mindfulness and Smartphones at The Creative Lawyer
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Apr 20, 2013