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Lynn Franklin White
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Is it a selfish lifestyle? Maybe, but we spend the first part of our lives raising kids and working and building homes, so why shouldn't we be allowed to spend our times, after that, doing what we love to do?! Why can't it be about us and our dreams now? Having said that, I've not "been there, done that". But if all works out, I will be there soon. We have made the decision to sell everything and pursue our dream. We will be live aboards in a matter of months now. It's hard to imagine not being able to drop everything and go home for holidays, births and deaths. Although I have to say that I would probably move heaven and earth to be there for the birth of each of my grandchildren. But we did our time, and now it's time to "live the dream" while we still have the chance. Hard Decisions will arise. I can say I am pleased with the influx of well wishers of our decision to pull up stakes and "go for it". I appreciate your insight. Love your posts and miss it when you go 3 weeks without one......just sayin 😊
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Apr 24, 2013