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Deborah Orr
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As we feared, the banks have gotten their unconstitutional bill through the Senate today. But all is not lost. In addition to the unconstitutionality of the law, we have learned that HB-87 was unlawfully set for hearing prior to the beginning of the legislative session in violation of Florida constitution Article III, Section 3, which restricts hearings to be held within the legislative session. Injunctions are currently being investigated but all Florida citizens need to phone the Governor and tell him not to sign HB-87 into law. If Governor Scott signs this into law, a massive campaign is being launched to expose the signors. All but one Democrat voted against SB 1666 and one did not vote. HB-87 was substituted for SB 1666 after a second hearing on SB 1666 yesterday. This was the 1st time that HB-87 had appeared on the Senate floor and was fraudulently identified as the third reading of SB-1666 by the Republican contingency and all republicans voted for it. The passing of this law was both unlawful and unethical. It's time for these self-serving people who have been funded by the banks to be kicked out of their cushy offices and brought to justice for their breach of duty to protect the people of Florida. Please call Rick Scott at (850)-488-7146 and tell the operator that you are against the Governor signing HB-87 (the unfair foreclosure bill) into law. This is vitally important for the litigation that will ensue if the Governor passes this law. If you don't understand what this law will do to your property values, read
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May 3, 2013