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Edward T Haines
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Gee, Marty, I guess I didn't make myself very clear. I chose to renovate the two homes because of my love of improving something and the pride I have in doing so. My "wealth" was achieved by 80 to 100 hour work weeks and, at age 58, I found I could not continue to carry out that schedule and could not see myself practicing medicine any other way. Since I refuse to be constrained by only one interest, I find every day to be exciting. Today, I learned more about how to wire a house for electricity in our Habitat house. Tomorrow will be another something new. At age 71, I find every day more exciting than the last.
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I have never understood those who are unable to generate deep interest in more than one skill set during their life. I retired from physician work (board certified in both general surgery and family practice) at age 58. I did so because I could afford to and because I had always wanted to do carpentry (since age 5) but could not do so as a surgeon. Since then, I have extensively renovated two homes including installing electrical appliances, plumbing fixtures, finish carpentry, deck constructions, screen room, and other projects. I have also built several pieces of furniture customized for the homes. I have worked in construction of eight Habitat houses (our local group builds one a year). Beyond all that, my grandson convinced me that I could run again without the knee pain that had led to my quitting if I would wear minimalist shoes. He was right and I now am running up to four miles at a time wearing Xero shoes (modeled after the Tarahamaru indian Huaraches). I hope to make ten K by the end of this summer. Humans are capable of many skills. Our brain is not readily constrained by specialization. To do so is to give up part of what makes us human. Retirement makes possible following one's interests. If you find that an interest is boring, give it up and pursue a different one. Whatever else, do what is fun and brings joy that will cause you to get up in the morning and get to "work." Almost all of my professional life, I got up in the morning anticipating a great day. In retirement, I find the same still applies. I even still have time to stay current in health care literature so that I can answer questions from family and friends when they are perplexed by their health care. I suppose I would get bored if I had time for it.
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