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btw, Martin Tsai is not insulting anyone. He's merely stating that the movie has been adpated to an audience that would have no appreciation for the books - thus changing the story so much that it no longer resembles the original but still has the same title. Hollywood doesn't care about how the movie turns out - as long as it ticks the right boxes so that it makes as big of a profit as possible. There won't be any fine art coming from hollywood. This of course completely ruins it for fans of the book. This happens time and time again with movies - especially ones adpated from video games, where some asshole takes the title of the game and usually changes the main focus or story or whatever to the point where it bears no resemblence to the game, and then they are shocked to find out that it flops. DERP! TBH the speed at which things are being dumbed down for the unwashed masses, i won't be surprised of most staircases are replaced by waterslides in a few years.
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Well i've just registered to say that this is a brilliant review, despite being really disappointed about the result of the movie. I really loved the WWZ book by Max Brooks, as well as his survival guide. Had the movie followed the book, no doubt it would have been a classic. It has some really great short stories and scenes of human trials against the zombies. And it even has plenty of action! But I guess most people just want boobs and explosions. But can't we just have ONE movie that is intelligent!?
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Jun 4, 2013