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Jen Shimada
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When I was in labor with my first son, we had to drive through a snow storm to get to the hospital. My contractions are 1-2 min apart at this point. My dear husband decides it's a good idea to take a work call on the bluetooth/speakers in the car! So here I am in the passenger seat, in labor, trying (graciously, mind you) to keep my moaning down so he can make this call. When the guy on the other end asks "so, how are you doing?" because he probably heard my whimpering/low moaning in the background, my husband replies "well my wife is actually in labor and we're on the way to the hospital" I think the guy on the phone call was speechless at first, and then smartly ended the conversation so my husband could...I don't know... focus on driving through the blizzard and getting his wife to the hospital!?! Once we got to the hospital, though, he was great. Second baby he was pretty good, except for when I would have a contraction (went through natural labors each time, no epidural, very little IV medication), he would look at the screen and say "wow, that one went off the charts!" and I would say "you don't have to say that each time, I'm going through it! I know what it feels like!!" lol But overall, he was my rock through both of my labors and he never left my side, so I guess I can't complain too much.
haha, this made me laugh out loud!
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Jun 6, 2013