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Mfg's need to step up their quality control IF applies as I don't directly blame a "vendor" but the sample part inspects that should be catching problems. Yes sometimes parts are just a bad design with failures waiting to happen. So in the end I always blame mfg's NOT supplier as mfg owns the final process.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2013 on Recall Alert: 2013 Ram 1500 at PickupTrucks: News
@ BOB Typical dodge! They should take some lessons from Chev! Everyones having FIRE risks these days, even GM.
What's new, they updated the square fender openings. Still can't reach inside bed from the sides.
@ QuadCab04 .. No I'm speaking of the Dodge Sprinter (think they're called)vans, not something out 8-12 yrs. Not talking about older pick ups. A few yrs after the new vans came out saw a lot of them with rusty panels & cargo door hinges bleeding rust. Panels not badly but it shouldn't happen with todays technologies. And when color is white (as most commercial ones are), it stands out. The Ford Transit Connect out almost as long and not seeing any early signs of paint issues.
If Ram hopes to compete long term, they'd better start using better paint and rust prevention. Most I see around that are few yrs old all show signs of rusting out. If I bought one for a business with name on the side, that's not what I'd wanna see.
Front states that require a front license plate, where do you put it??
For states that require front license plates, where do you mount that?
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Jul 16, 2013