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Zoe Juniper
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I am a mother of three teenagers and have returned to study at a mature age. I am doing a Masters degree in Disaster, risk & resilience and have had to curb my yarn spending! However, I have been using stash up and friends have donated yarn to me as I am also into knitting up lots of Faultline Shawls ( and selling them to raise money for the New Zealand Red Cross and their Kaikoura Earthquake appeal.
Every August I take a road trip o the Knit August Nights knitting conference/retreat in Napier, New Zealand. It is just springtime and we are always guaranteed lots of warm weather, plenty of yarn shopping, workshops and wine. It is divine
Our worst vacation memory has to be camping about 8 years ago. We arrived at this great site, having pre-booked for a 10 day stay. Nothing was said as we checked in, we set up the tent and got settled. All through the first night, all we heard was vomiting in all the tents around us! Turns out the site had an outbreak of Novo virus for the past 10 days! By this time it was too late and predictably we all had a very memorable holiday, but not in the way we would like!
I would love to take the children back to Europe, Amsterdam in Spring for the tulips, windmills, clogs and cheese - Those tulips provide an amazing colour palette for any yarn way! Also, Edinburgh in August for the Tattoo festival would be divine! With or without the kids!
We had a spring break treat 10 years ago, my husband and I had an all expenses paid trip to Hobbit land - New ZEALAND for a job interview. We had a great trip, left the children in the care for nanna and grandad. Little did we know that within 3 months we would have moved the whole family in New Zealand and took up knitting, crochet and spinning with all this yummy NZ yarn, But miss the variety of products available in the USA and UK!
18 I think, just finishing the sleeve on my Airflow cardy, that will be 19.
beading, I have learnt how to incorporate beads into my knitting.
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I can very easily be led astay by friends and what the current pattern trend is and be inspired, other times the yarn to jumps out and bites me!
Others, from sons teacher, to a friend with cancer, and lots of friends new babies. I am doing a cardy for me, but still a WIP.
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Jul 27, 2013