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Aksel Gasbjerg
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Excuse being off topic but i have a pressing question. Assumptions in a thought example: The air today contains 400 ppm CO2 We will emit 40 gt CO2 in the coming year, of which 20 gt ends in the air and 20 gt ends in the ocean/land. The emissions result in an increase of 2 ppm to 402 ppm CO2 in a year. With these assumptions (and of course, Ceteris Paribus) I have the following questions: If tomorrow we cut CO2 emissions from 40 to 20 gt, what are ppm in a year? If we stop total CO2 emissions tomorrow, what are ppm in a year?
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2017 on Excellent melting season summary at Arctic Sea Ice
Hans NOAA has issued a preliminary growth rate for 2016 at 2,77 ppm. At the web-site you can see NOAA's special way of calculation the growth rate. It is the growth in the average for the 4 months around 1. jan (that is nov, dec, jan, feb) to the same 4 months in the next year. That is why NOAA first have the real growth rate after february. (The press release from NOAA last year with the announcement of the growth rate at 3,05 ppm for 2015 was issued 9. march 2016.) To me it is a slightly odd way to calculate growth rate. If you see the annual mean for the last years (NOAA, MLO): 2014 398,65 2015 400,83 2016 404,21 I would say that the growth rate from 2014 to 2015 is 2,18 ppm (and not 3,05), and growth from 2015 to 2016 is 3,38 ppm (and not 2,77).
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