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Re: the BLM move... Yay! I was with a friend who works in the fed gov over the weekend, and she mentioned a friend who works at USDA, and is retiring 6 months short of her full pension rather than move to the Midwest for her job. I’d call that progress.
They're not stupid, henry. They're pushing a victimhood story to an audience that has been marinated in victimhood for several decades. And if anyone points out the obvious answer (as the article MM linked points out, the NBA's annual TV revenue is $24 billion, and the WNBA's annual TV revenue is $12 million), then they'll just claim that the revenue difference is due to sexism, and it's only because of the patriarchy that men's sports are valued more, etc etc etc.
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I am surprised El Chapo didn't set up a foundation to donate. How do we know he didn’t?
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NYT, although NUT does accurately describe it!
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I do t care about 2D or 3D or 4 D, or what the clowns at the NUT or the fainting couches of the GOPe say. I love the President’s words about AOC and her “squad” and I agree with them 1,000%. And I imagine alll of his voters, and maybe even a decent % of Dems do, too.
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No doubt at all on that, MM.
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jimNJ @ 3:13 AM Totally agree. The problem is that so many states, counties and cities treat law enforcement and criminal justice as a revenue generation system, and that absolutely is wrong on every level.
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Catching up... From the link about the next James Bond movie: 'There are spectacular chase sequences and fights, and Bond is still Bond but he's having to learn to deal with the world of #MeToo.' Who exactly do they imagine the audience for that will be?
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Morality aside, which doesn't seem to matter much anyway these days, I can see how this is a viable concept. I don’t. Not for the long term, anyway. So these young women who’re themselves out to rich creeps,to pay for a worthless degree that will likely provide no useful career or life skills. What happens to them in a few years when those rich creeps replace them with younger models and the only thing they know how to be is a whore?
Everybody knew, nobody cared, part 900:
But, in my darker moments, I think this is precisely their plan ..... to create a global conflict that helps to wipe out a significant portion of the global population. There are enough leftists who’ve talked openly about reducing the population to that level. I imagine you could also find language abut that in some of the horrible things rse finds and pores through.
Narc @ 1:50 I don’t have any problem at all with that.
Or is this a situation where the usual media suspects have been advised that "I'd tell you but then you'd want to kill yourself"? The usual media suspects are all friends of Epstein, attended his parties, took his money, and are complicit up to their godless, treasonous, motherfucking eyeballs. How is this even a question?
ALL of the uniparty elites are so far past thinking they are accountable to any sense of right or wrong that any one from either party might be involved in this. They pretty much ARE all involved. This is another guy where "everyone" (meaning, everyone in the media and in the higher levels of politics and in Hollywood) knew. Just like Harvey Weinstein and Les Moonves. They ALL knew he was a pedophile, and a rapist, and they just didn't give a crap, because it wasn't THEIR daughters getting raped, and because Epstein threw great parties and let them ride on his fancy private jet and donated campaign cash to the right people. All the top level Dems, and Republicans knew. The editors at the NYT knew. All the high-level talent at ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN et al knew. The folks at the SDNY, and higher up at DoJ knew. The folks in the Manhattan DA's office knew. All of them knew. All of them DID NOT CARE one bit that teenage girls were being raped and trafficked, because Epstein's money was good and his parties were fun and all the Best People attended them. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong.
CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Let’s Not Get Caught Up In The Intrigue Of Who Jeffrey Epstein’s Friends Are. Because he, and all of his bosses, and his brother, and every prominent Dem politician in New York, are counted among those friends. I cannot adequately express how much I despise ALL of these people.
Lolita being the greatest novel of the 20th century. Oh brother. In a century that produced not only The Code of the Woosters, but also Joy in the Morning? "Winter's Tale" by Mark Helprin. hands down.
Non political story of the day:
The progs created this mess, but at the rate they are going, it will take another half century for them to even develop enough self awareness to figure that out. What self-awareness? They created this mess ON PURPOSE. They WANT broken homes, single-parent families, lack of male role models in the home, generational poverty, all of it. IT'S ALL ON PURPOSE. All of it. They have to destroy all the basic building blocks of a functioning society that creates self-sufficient, resilient adults, because self-sufficient, resilient adults do not need (or want!) progs to run their lives for them.
Call me cynical, but there is a counter-argument to every part of the reparations scheme. You're being incredibly generous to imply that what the reparations people are putting forth can be called "arguments" in the first place.
Ig @ 6:57 Volokh Comspiracy is full of crap. They didn’t used to be, but they certainly are now.
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johns, Bill's statement said four times "in 2002 and 2003" And it was already apparently widely known that he was a pedophile for several years at that point. Funny how "everybody" knows who all the pedos and rapists and crooks are, but our so-called "betters" in government and the MSM don't care to tell the rest of us about them, let alone do anything to stop their crimes or protect their victims.
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I have to disagree with this from Ig @ 11:17 And I think it is an even bigger misconception that the only effective way to fight back is through perp walks of some prominent creeps. It's not the only effective way, but from where I sit, it HAS to be a part of the way we fight back. The rule of law, and accountability, need to be reestablished. People who have clearly, boldly, unapologetically committed crime after crime for decades NEED to be punished at some point, in order to confirm that we really do have one system of laws for everyone, that we all truly are equal citizens. If that doesn't happen, then those of us who are not connected and protected are not free citizens, we're serfs who only enjoy freedom at the whim of those in charge, and that is not OK. Or sustainable in the long run.
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Henry @ 11:45 If that is true, our intelligence service needs to be burned to the goddamn ground, no if’s ands or buts. And if whatever he was informing on was so viral that it’s a matter of nationa l security, if this country can’t be protected without the services of a serial pedpohile, rapist and human trafficker, then it doesn’t deserve to be protected, and I want no part of it.
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You have way more faith in the DoJ (especially the SDNY) than I do, or than i think is remotely warranted.
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Interesting to note, re Ext's 10:12 link. In today's NYT, there's a front page story about Acosta's handling of Epstein in 2008 and calls for him to resign. Buried on page A-16 is a story about how Cyrus Vance (he just keeps popping up somehow) handled Epstein with kid gloves, a lot more recently than 2008. Funny how those stories are placed.
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