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Sharon Dymond
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Great piece! Thanks for the link, Digby.
Toggle Commented May 27, 2016 on Donald the Clown at Lance Mannion
That's really sickening. The royal screwing of American business began when "business management" became a profession. Forget rounding up the lawyers for the guillotine. Round up the MBAs. Idiots.
What is called for is rudeness, ridicule, mockery in large measure.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2013 on Civility Trolling: How It's Done at Whiskey Fire
May I quote this brilliant comment on Charles P. Pierce's blog: 30% of every OECD country polls fascist. That's just always been the case, for 150 years. In most modern wealthy democracies those people are afraid to express their opinions, because it's commonly understood that people who hold those opinions are generally detrimental to the common good. That was the political lesson of WWII. In the US however they get their own news channels and one-half of the political power, because for some reason around 1980 we all started feeling sorry for the narcissistic fantasists and sentimentalists that call themselves "movement conservatives," who told us they felt bad because they were left out of what they called "the Liberal consensus." The Liberal consensus was really just an agreement not to let the aforementioned narcissists do what they do best, which is to monopolize the conversation and claim it's all about me and my pain and what about my people, which in general prevents us from confronting actual real live reality, like genuinely poor people and genuine disasters like climate change. And we let down our guard, forgetting that these 30% always feel bad, because they really have nothing more to their belief system than a heightened sense of persecution coupled to a heightened sense of their worth. Everything else - their politics, economics, religion, sociology - is an attempt to rationalize those two basic principles: "I oughta be in charge, but my inferiors won't let me." 30 years later people in the media think they're entertaining and sell eyeballs so they give them a seat at the table, and they don't realize the fascists want all the seats and have bad table manners besides. And while the rest of us would like to pay attention to the reality we've ignored since Reagan first pretended he was President, the media and the conversation is dominated by these 30%, who refuse to give up their fantasyland, just as we should have known they would. I'm not normally reductive when it comes to people, but that these 30% would hallucinate that they're hard done by and at the same time threaten the rest of us over their perceived injury is as predictable as flowers blooming in spring.
Toggle Commented May 6, 2013 on Civility Trolling: How It's Done at Whiskey Fire
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May 6, 2013