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Ann Tweedy
Associate Professor of Law at South Dakota and Poet. Read more at
Interests: Federal Indian Law, Federal Courts, Employment Discrimination, Property, Sexuality and Law, Poetry, Bisexuality and Law
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I'm impressed that Alexie went to such great lengths to try to assemble a collection that reflects diverse parts of the poetry world (race/gender etc. but also internet vs. print). I think the editor is in a tough place here but retroactively rejecting the piece seems like it would be stooping to the level of the poet. Part of the difficulty lies in the fact that pseudonyms are generally acceptable, although I agree with others that this was certainly a misuse.
Thanks--I found reading this empowering.
I really appreciate McElroy's article both as the child of a mentally ill parent and as someone on the tenure-track.
There are interesting contrasts between the traditions among Anglo-Americans in the U.S. and tribal traditions in the U.S., in many of which farming was traditionally a female activity, much to the chagrin of early missionaries and settlers. For a modern example, see Riggs v: Estate of Attakai, No. SC-CV-39-04 (Navajo 2007).
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2013 on Gender, Farms, and Inheritance at The Faculty Lounge
Matt, I was speaking completely off the cuff there, and I could well be wrong. The Donation of Constantine seems different to me because it appears to have been created for a strategic purpose and so was not a hoax for it's own sake (though who knows--that could be true of the book as well). I was thinking that people hundreds of years ago probably had less time for such foolishness and also that part of the power (and lure) of hoaxes today lies in the ability to spread them through mass communication, which is tied to the invention of printing press. But my assumption about lack of time probably was not true of the rich anyway, so perhaps it was a hoax. It would be much more exciting if it was written in an unknown language or was encrypted though.
This looks great! I love Habermas but somehow have trouble seeing him as musical material. Hannah Arendt maybe.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2013 on Rawls! The Musical! at The Faculty Lounge
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May 11, 2013