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John Paul Woodhead
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how about a billboard that you can list things you want done on your farm. so you could list 5 tasks and once your visitor completes all 5 tasks he gets awarded a prize that you've selected from your farm. example 5 tasks and prize: 1) water/fertilize/harvest grove of lemon trees 2) fertilize/water/harvest 5 crops 3) feed 5 rabbits 4) feed 5 cows 5) water/fertilize/harvest grove of date trees prize offered 6 milk bottles basically you can choose whatever tasks you want completed and offer whatever prize so long as it exists on your farm or is in your inventory. once the tasks and prize has been chosen the player can no longer interact with the tasks he chose or use the prize he put up for grabs. i think this will increase players interaction with each other in a fun way. i regularly have visitors come to my farm and half of them have done the exact same things as each other. hopefully this will give some direction to visiting players :)
Toggle Commented May 12, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
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May 12, 2013