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After tracking this one down, and searching by band member's names I finally put two and two together. I might not have all the details either but this is what I gathered: After releasing demos and free downloads of their music for nearly a year and landing a video on youtube that hit over a million views (, the 3 Members- Landon, Grant, Hayden of The Royal Sons released a Kickstarter ( asking for $10k to make an album. To no surprise, their now large fan-base overfunded their goal by an additional $3,500. Within a few months, The Royal Sons released their album titled "Los Angeles & I" which landed on iTunes and Spotify. Instagram tag #theroyalsons shows ecstatic fans receiving their pre-released albums and merch from the kickstarter incentives... but all for nothing. Within a month or so, everything was taken down- including their social media platforms and iTunes links. They began what seemed like an attempt to erase the internet. Fans, including myself, were left with no where to even connect with other fans to find out what had happened. After searching each band member's name, Google suggested Hayden Coplen with Sir Sly, a band I had heard on music blog, Sirens Of Decay ( Sir Sly. I had finally found what happened to The Royal Sons. After looking at Sir Sly's facebook page (, I found that they began coincidentally at the same time The Royal Sons were making "Los Angeles and I". Sir Sly's pictures show Landon Maslyn- who apparently changed his name to Landon Jacobs for the sake of the new band. Landon began a new band with former Royal Sons member, Hayden Coplen, and a new member, Jason Suwito. No mention of former Royal Sons member, Grant Jensen, being in Sir Sly. On his twitter (, I gathered he played with one of the bands at Coachella and is currently traveling and writing with them. From the sound of it, it all makes sense now. The Royal Sons broke up because Sir Sly started. They released their music to their fans, but then took it all down as Sir Sly started gaining attention. From the sound of Landon's voice in Sir Sly compared to what we knew from The Royal Sons, it seems a bit faked to say the least. My conclusion is that Sir Sly didn't want any association with The Royal Sons for fear of people finding out about his real (less sly-hipster) voice.. so they deleted all their content and left us fans in the mud. It seems like they're doing whatever it takes instead of being true to themselves. Good luck to them- I guess.
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May 25, 2013