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Marthe Cusson
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1 - I agree the number of bottle should be increse. 2 - The price for the new expnsions is too high 5 million and 6 million is too much 3 - Expand all the animal shed 4 - Give us some more wells, 5 - The notifications we recieve do not go in our inventory. I urge concepters to rectify this I wrote many times about this they say the are fixing the proble but it never gets done. I also think before adding anymore features to the game the actual problems we have should be resolved People and neighbors I suggest you do the same test I did: bring in all the notifications and do not click on the water, then close the gift box go check how many water you have the go back and bring the water you had left in the gift box when you come back after you've collected every gifts then check your inventory you might find that the water is not there. I would like for you to have a double bar i.e visit and remove on all the neignbors we have so we can manage our game ourself without asking you to remove peope from our game. Plus the fact that we would be able to remove the cheaters.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2013 on Suggestion Sunday! at FarmVille 2
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Jun 2, 2013