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"From 2005-2014, the average was 314/annum, and it will continue to rise." Well it can't continue to rise too much more, 314 is getting close to 365 and by definition it can't be higher than every day.
Oh you may also want to check the data regarding the effects of surface disturbance on light absorption. Try Or if you just want the scientific papers As you will see the scientists have this quite well covered.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2015 on Mad max? at Arctic Sea Ice
Try checking for reflection instead of "glint". Also check for polarisation and Brewster's law which is related to this. Both effects are included in the models.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2015 on Mad max? at Arctic Sea Ice
A question for you clever guys from a newbie here who has been lurking for a year or so. We will sometime in the next decade reach the point where there is effectively no sea ice remaining in the arctic, and as a result the advection of ice through the Fram strait drops to a trickle or stops entirely. At this point the current heat budget that is going in to melting this ice as it passes down the east Greenland coast will be available to warm up the water on the east coast of Greenland. At that point what impact will the warmer water have on the climate? Will it increase the rate of melt of the Greenland icepack? Or as the prevailing weather systems run west to east will it rather impact the climatic conditions of Northern Europe, Scandanavia and potentially Siberia? What impact would such a change have on the marine ecosystem in the area and around Iceland, and would this be further impacted by the increased runoff from glaciers in eastern greenland bringing both fresh water and nutrients?
Is it just a shadow from a pressure ridge or is that a lead in the background of Camera 1 at the north pole?
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Jun 12, 2013