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Dave K.
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So, this is one of the five miracles required for hydrogen cars to be practical, yawn. I agree with Larsboelen, EVs are here and affordable, all we really need now is a clean efficient range extender to replace the ICE, though Tesla is trying really hard to make that unnecessary!
Anne, I think you hit it, if you look at the successful hybrids and EVs sold now, they have very minimal transmissons, in the hybrids a single planatary gearset, in the EVs just a gear reducer. Some of the experemental inwheel motor systems have none at all! If your business is making transmissions you have to be worried. I think something will be needed for a time, wheelmotors increase unsprung weight but the traditional multispeed transmission is on it's way out, replaced in part by electric motors, (or in pure EVs largely eliminated).
Actually the Toyota hybrids have been doing this for 10 years, so no big news here. Think Ford does it too but can't say for sure.
The Europeans still have their toe stuck in the electric pool, while the Japanese have gone swimming(with Ford and GM?). Nissan went to the diving board and made a big splash! I think the Europeans better get serious quick or their lunch will be eaten by someone else.
My sense is this greatly understates both the economic and environmental benefits of electric transportation, not to mention the social stuff. At least some effort is being made, sadly average joe only cares about the money, so maybe this is the right approach.
Jus7tme, your new report is in error. According to the DOE it takes 6kwhr of electricity to produce one gallon of gas, so I can drive my EV ~25 miles JUST ON THIS, not counting all the NG and other resources consumed to bring this gallon to market. All these studies are biased by not counting upstream emmisions. Bottom line EVs are ~4X as efficient as ICE so they are cleaner now, and unlike ICE cars they get cleaner as they age (because the grid gets cleanr).
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Jun 12, 2013