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Allison Beisner Nolan
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Dawn, I had some questions/concerns about this new product. I watched your video and tried to apply the ink drops with the disposable gloves on...The black ink made the clay so sticky that the clay stuck to the gloves and I lost a big blob of it. I took them off and got the black ink all over my fingers but the clay didn't stick as much to my fingers and I was able to use most of it this way. Did I do something wrong? Also, I can't seem to pop the molds out right away like you did in the video...if I do, they are misshapen and unusable. The only way I have found that works most of the time is to press them onto paper and they clay sticks to that as it dries. Then I have to be ultra careful and I peel them off the paper (some still rip or break and I have to toss them. I am really trying to incorporate these fun buttons and flowers into my projects and stamp camps, but very frustrated with the process! Can you help?
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2013 on Simply Pressed Clay video . at Dawns Stamping Studio
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Jun 14, 2013