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Susan Angela Haigh
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I have posted pics of the blinds on Facebook, if you would like to see them. My page is "Susan Angela Haigh". Once again, many thanks for your help. You will never know how much easier your advice made a daunting project.
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Hello Jen! I came across your blog on how to make roman blinds and bookmarked the page so I come and have a look anytime I needed help. I live in the UK (Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, England) in a 100 years old stone built terrace house. Instead of screwing battens to brackets to hang the blinds, my dh fixed substantial battens (1" x 1" and a quarter) to the wall directly above the architrave on the windows and fixed eyelet screws into the base of that to carry the weight, as I have made quite heavy curtains (that are lined with blackout material). I have used roman blind tape sewn across the fabric to hold fibreglass rods and made the bottom weight out of a length of thin hardwood. The blinds are held onto the batten by (very strong) Velcro tape, which is stuck onto the batten and sewn onto the blind. The large blind measures 6'7" x 6'7". The smaller blind measures 5'1" x 2'3". I don't think that I would have worked the mechanics out for my project as easily, Had I not found your blog. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR POSTING! You are a star!
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Jun 28, 2013