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Eric Fuentes
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I understand change, and change is good but I am saddened to see that my beloved go-to blog has become an on going advertisement for all things alcohol. I check this website every day for new inspirations, crafts & lifestyle tips but now, with all of the new contributors and the may hands in the pot I feel like I'm supposed to be a lover of alcoholic drinks to participate. What happened? Do you girls really drink this much? Is anyone monitoring the amount of cocktail posts are published or is this by design? It seems as though you're being sponsored by alcohol companies to push their product. I'm glad you got big and are very successful with your books and your apps and your store & such. I'm happy for your blog becoming the success we loyal readers already knew it was & that you've had to hire more people to run it. Is it possible you girls might have gotten so busy that this blog has been left behind? I know this isn't a positive note but this is a loyal (and sober) reader's opinion. More lifestyle, more crafts, more style, more of everything that MADE abeautifulmess the success it is and less beer & liquor ads PLEASE.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2014 on Guinness Bloody Mary at A Beautiful Mess
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Jul 6, 2013