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Distribution is indeed affordable, but there's a reason why distribution companies exist. We can get you places other people can't and take a huge monkey off your back. Tunecore/RN distribution is cheap, however they offer no marketing help which is why distribution companies trump their service in that area. You're 100% on target by saying it mirrors what you put into it. You still have to market, make connection and stay relevant to your fan base, if you don't distribution is only going to grant some listeners and no real monetary earnings. There might be too many channels, but that's what happens when a few companies have a huge piece of the pie and don't exactly make it a fair playing field. (hope I understood that part right) It's *always* up to the artist/label to drive fans to purchase their music, it's why branding is so essential. As for this article: Spot on, I tell this to artists on a daily basis. If you're not connecting with your fans, you're doomed.
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Jul 18, 2013