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Jeremy Bouma
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Yikes! Sorry about the technical difficulties. And thanks for the heads-up, Mark. All is well, now :) -jeremy
Cary, The Bible Study App by Olive is a free application for which you may purchase the WBC set for $299. It is available for Windows. You can download the application here: Then you can purchase the set in the book store on the left side bar or here: Hope this helps!, -jeremy
Bob, Dickson's treatment of 1 Tim. 2:12 advances the argument even further than the bit I shared here. Glad you enjoyed my engagement—and thanks a bunch for letting me know the position switcheroo with Bird and Keller. It's been fixed. -jeremy
Thanks for your comment, David. Great idea! We've posted samples to both Obadiah and Jonah for your previewing pleasure. -jeremy
Sorry everybody! Dropped the wrong YouTube embedded link. It's been corrected. But guess who'll be up next in our MAS line-up :) Thanks for letting me know and sorry for the confusion! -jeremy
Jim, We announced the winners yesterday at the top of this blog post in bold. -jeremy
Yes, you're right Mark. Thanks for the correction!
Thanks, Keith. If you meant to post this as an entry for the contest, please comment on that post as only comments there are eligible for the contest. Thanks...and sorry if there was confusion.
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Jul 23, 2013