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Kristen Stoltzfus Clay
Adams County, Idaho
A crochet designer, fabric collector, and lover of biblical femininity via vintage fashion.
Interests: old movies, good vintage novels, western music, sewing from vintage patterns, antique stores, thrift stores, crochet design, fashion history, the 1940s and 1950s eras, vintage automobiles, repurposing, big band music, wearing costumes, vintage hairstyling, vintage hats, 1950s jazz, Idaho, vintage gloves, babies, singing choral arrangements, western scenery, English movies, cooking, writing historical fiction, the Old West, vintage dishes, quilting, vintage sewing machines
Recent Activity
Hi Clayla, Unfortunately if there is no stretch in the fabric, there is no way to add stretch. Leather is the only fabric that can be stretched successfully, as far as I know.
Aw Lily, that makes me so happy. I've missed your blog - you probably were the #1 inspiration behind mine. I'm so happy you like to see my projects too. :-)
I'm so excited to be joining Poppie Cotton for their project tour featuring the new line, Kaisley Rose! I debated between making a quilty project or a baby dress. The quilty project is still upcoming, but for my turn on the blog lineup I just had to make a baby... Continue reading
Posted Apr 30, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Hi Shelly, I received the fabric from the company in exchange for this blog post feature. You'll just have to do a web search for Riley Blake Rose & Violet's Garden fabric and see what comes up!
You may remember the lovely pastel fabric line Rose & Violet's Garden from Riley Blake Designs that I posted about a while back. I featured it in a quilted dresser scarf. But I had to get some of my favorite prints in yardage too, and here's what I did with... Continue reading
Posted Apr 21, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I am a huge fan of the Anne of Green Gables books. I don't remember how early I read them...I've always grown up with them. I consider the last book, Rilla of Ingleside, to be a quite unique and special must read - it can be read as a standalone... Continue reading
Posted Apr 14, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Easter sneaked up on me this year, so I didn't have time to make an elaborate Easter dress. When I realized Easter was just next week, I quickly looked through my immediate to-do list to see if I could make one of those projects do double duty. Sure enough! I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 8, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I have always loved nautical prints, especially those that are not obviously for children. When I saw the adorable tiny sailboat prints in the Set Sail America quilting line by Riley Blake Designs, I had to snag some for a dress! I wasn't going for a sailor dress, so I... Continue reading
Posted Apr 1, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Hi Peggy, I never heard of such a thing so I have no idea if it had significance other than an interesting fashion statement.
Hi Rae - It is a mail order pattern, number 3764. I'm not sure of the exact brand. I got it on eBay a long time ago.
I really like the bright happy colors and retro style of the new quilting line Oh Happy Day by Riley Blake Designs, but most of the prints were not quite vintage-specific enough for me. One exception was this fun circles print, which instantly reminded me of 1950s fabric. So I... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
This charming flower shape made with hexagons is a common and favorite motif for quilters. Called "Grandmother's Flower Garden", it's one of the easiest and most recognizable shapes to make with hexagons (usually using the English paper piecing method), and there are so many varieties possible depending on fabric choice... Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I am so excited to be part of the Goose Creek Garden fabric tour by the fabulous Poppie Cotton! I knew as soon as I saw the adorable goose print that I wanted to make a baby dress out of it. My baby girl calls it her "guck" dress -... Continue reading
Posted Mar 10, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Ever since making my red Christmas dress, I have been wary of trying to sew with rayon challis again. That one was so difficult to work with. But I had the opportunity of trying out Riley Blake Design's rayon challis, and when it arrived, I was instantly impressed by the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 3, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I have a bad habit of making all sorts of new and exciting things that I use occasionally, meanwhile wearing something I use all the time to tatters because I technically could make a new one but just don't get around to it. Finally a need became something exciting! Meet... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I'd forgotten how fast and easy baby dresses are. They have all the fun and style lines of adult garments, but at a fraction of the time and fabric! Little short seams add up so quickly. So it was easy for me to choose a baby dress as my second... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
This is a simple project that brought me a disproportionate amount of happiness. :-) Last summer I picked up a baby quilt at an antique shop. It was just a lot of squares pieced together randomly, and hand quilted. I hung it over my baby's crib and enjoyed picking out... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I've wanted to make this pretty scalloped half apron from a vintage 1940s pattern for a while. A few prints from the lovely Rocky Mountain Wild collection by Riley Blake Designs were a fun choice to give it a slightly more modern look. I enjoyed how fast this pattern is,... Continue reading
Posted Feb 15, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
My first completed make of the year! One of the lovely things that made my last few weeks so pleasantly busy was the arrival of some beautiful fabric from Riley Blake Designs, which was sent to me to feature as an independent part of their project tours. I was so... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Hi Deborah - it is an old Du Barry pattern number 1763B.
As always, I like to do a little roundup and recap of my sewing adventures at the end of the year before I start documenting the next year's projects. I like seeing them in one place so I can see repetitions and spot gaps, tracking my progress and maybe see... Continue reading
Posted Jan 28, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
I was going through my projects from 2020 in order to do my annual yearly sewing roundup, when I realized that had never posted photos of this 1950s dress I made last spring. So this is a catch up post to get all my finished projects out there! This was... Continue reading
Posted Jan 15, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Due to a crazy fall – deadlines, house renovation and moving, and a family loss – I have not sewn anything since the first week of October. This means I haven't even started on my Fall/Winter sewing list, and the winter is half over. But on the other hand, it... Continue reading
Posted Jan 1, 2021 at Verity Vintage Studio
Hi Angie, It was a vintage Companion-Butterick pattern number 8355 from the 1930s.
It's been a long time since I've done a free pattern during the holidays! This year I have been so busy that my Christmas celebrating was started late, but I was eager to do at least one Christmas craft once I had the chance - so I stitched up this... Continue reading
Posted Dec 17, 2020 at Verity Vintage Studio