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Easy! Snickers, Reeses and any think drk choc. mint!
I have ALWAYS loved paisely!! So when Ifirst saw those peeks...I was in! Now that I've seen the rest I don't know where I would start first! Love the colors! Oh and did I mention the quilt die...heaven!
It makes me sooooo happy and I am so grateful for the beautifully gorgeous weather we are having in the Pacific Northwest this summmer! it just makes everything in your day a little easier ,better and brighter! ( And of course your blog and seeing your great talent! Love!)
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I have always wanted to go to Nova Scotia! It seems so charming and quaint! The perfect place to ride bikes and be by the water on a summers day! Maybe someday my dream will come true!
My husband always gets up first on Christmas morn. and goes downstairs to light a fire and all the candles! The kids can't get up until this is done. THey have to wait to see the santa loot after the fire is lit.
I just love the coziness and the changing colors! its just that simple!
I love the coziness and the changing colors. Its just that simple!
I love the coziness that fall brings to the NW and the slowly changing colors! Its as simple as that!
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Aug 15, 2013