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Hi Charlotte, What a great post! I absolutely love your warm encouragement to lovers of dreams coupled with sage advice for making their dreams a reality. As I read your words, I have to confess I was a bit abashed to see myself in the over-reaching category. I have a pattern of leaping toward a lofty goal and landing with a painful thud when I realize there's not enough steps beneath to support my reach! LOL. But sometimes, I've picked myself up from the fall and worked with the splat to accomplish goals I'm most proud of. For me, the difference between an overreach and aiming high is when I've worked with a support group or mentor (like you) to guide me through the steps. A monetary investment helps motivate me too. Once I've committed my hard-earned cash, I don't want to squander it. Holly-Marie
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He was asking your friend for a favor and she was graciously extending herself. The least he could do was read with care. It's like he was just using her as a resource -- I mean he didn't even have the courtesy to put the location in his calendar. He wasn't showing appreciation for what she was doing -- to me, it sounds like he lacks polish and operates at a semi-juvenile level. I probably wouldn't cancel the meeting, but I wouldn't want to refer him to my best contacts either.
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Aug 15, 2013