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Rookie error? It's a Chevy. I'd pass on both, but that's just me. Been there, done that. Big regrets.
Rookie error? It's a Chevy. I'd pass on both, but that's just me. Been there, done that. Big regrets.
correction, 3rd baseman... My bad.
Dear PUTC staff, Do yourself a favor and get rid of the comments section. This place has become a cesspool of people bickering over the most trivial things.
"The problem with trucks now a days and why the price has sky rocketed into ridiculous price zones, is that the average person buying a truck now a days isn't using the truck for a truck. It's become the family hauler! That's why in article only people asking about specifics with payload are the older truck guys. " Well, for those of us who live in towns that don't believe in having snow plows (where we average over 5-6 feet of snow a year, supposedly statistically)... we absolutely need something with the ground clearance that a pickup has to offer. Until the Jetson's era of vehicles and vacuum tubes shows up, pickups will forever be the vehicle of choice.
Papajim... some of us in that age range are absolutely free of debt. Try again, buddy!
PUTC staff... do yourselves a favor and get rid of this cesspool that you call a comments section.
OxiMoron... If more gears = more problems, why aren't you driving something with only 2 or 3 "gears"... hmm???
Wow... no legend to explain the colors on the last pic. Wonderful... Don't worry, I'll do the work for you, PUTC. Red = Greater than 49.5 Blue = 40.0-49.5 Yellow = Less than 40.0 The map is originating from the API. How old is it??? Is it for gasoline or diesel??? You don't share that info at all. Again, fantastic work!!! That map is OLD, regardless!
Oxi... you can race with an automatic transmission... especially with today's technology. You brag about your so called capabilities... but the point is just that... your success depends on the OTHER DRIVER'S capabilities.
The rock sliders and the extended cab doors are very legit complaints. What I don't get is the "stink bug" complaint... I haven't seen a pickup that doesn't have a natural rake to it. Fuel economy also plays a role in it. You'd think a site devoted to pickups would already know this?!?!
GM has an uphill battle in regards to their interior... the interior on their late model trucks leaves a lot to be desired (quality and worksmanship is lacking).
How about the manufacturers focus on bolting up a transfer case that's worthy of being used? What's out there now consists of cases with the strength of glass.
Oh Oxi... please remind us again about how superior you and your Tacoma are compared to everything else on the planet...
" needs to do more research. As another poster stated this is not the first 10 speed in use from GM. That honor went to the 2017 Camaro ZL1 Posted by: Taylor | Apr 8, 2017 6:09:07 PM" That would require the staff to be good at journalism... rather than bashing other sites for being so called wannabe car/truck news sites.
Mark, with all fairness... this site isn't any better at times than U.S. News & World Report. Your article on their journalism is a prime example.
It's a shame trucks don't come with a rear seat delete option. Some of us prefer to have some cab space for precious cargo, rather than kids we'll never have.
It is called "Tractor Rap". There's a lot of pickups on the road for sure... but unfortunately, lots of them are being destroyed by their owners with ridiculous lift kits on their mall crawlers. Right now, the huge thing is having tow mirrors, and it is all about image. Almost none of them even tow, it's all about the looks. Thank you country music... you've tarnished the used pickup market in a really big way.
These are actually proven to decrease fuel economy. The oil-wett filters are also notorious for gumming up the mass air flow sensors, thus causing the check engine light to come on.
Sorry, but this isn't even a fair comparison for any of the tires. None of them are from the same class, so of course the results are what they are. While I can see the angle some people can argue with (people can know what type/class tire to go with), that end of the argument holds no valuable water... there is no additional substance to justify anything in this article. Absolutely everything about this article is subject to argument. What do I mean by it??? Example: You used the All-Terrain T/A KO2 as the benchmark for the A/T tire. The BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2 is a horrible tire in the snow in regards to A/T tires, this article doesn't do justice.
That Supra wasn't actually turbocharged... the car was also bone stock under the hood.
What would it take to actually get some moderators on this site?
This place has become an absolute cesspool. Why isn't there any active moderating happening? Is this what the site thrives off of, controversy and the constant bickering? If so, you guys can keep it... this used to be a decent place to get news on pickups. I'll go elsewhere if you'd rather keep it in its current state.
Military folk get discounts with Ford, so it is no wonder why it is the truck of choice.
It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to actually start moderating posts. This place has become a cesspool with some of the posts here.