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Where I grew up, the biggest problems were cockroaches. The best way to combat them was to regularly have your home sprayed and by keeping things clean. It is cool to see what they pest control applicators have at their disposal these days.
I can definitely see a lot of people competing for good turf. Running your own business is tough, especially because location means everything. There is definitely no exception to this rule here.
This looks like a really good look for the USPS. It would be really cool if they started including mailing tubes for their flat rate items. It would probably result in a little more revenue.
It definitely seems like insurance companies are key to a good economy. I am a really big fan of small insurance companies that are not a part of a larger corporation. There are a lot of good benefits that can come from staying local.
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Well it is good to know that you can get an estimate with collisions. A lot of people end up having a car that is not worth the cost of repairs and they call it a total. I sure do hope that never happens to me.
These look like some really good storage containers for your ribbons right here. These would also be good for canned foods as well. I have never seen someone with the same variety that you have here. It is really cool.
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2014 on Studio Ribbon Storage at {capture the moment}
I really like the idea of getting a personal injury attorney if I am ever injured. It seems like too great of a risk to be without one in the case that you are injured. You can really miss out on some hefty compensation.
It is nice to see that they have some customer loyalty benefits in play here. I would really like to get a car from these guys one of these days. I just gotta keep saving my nickels and dimes.
I remember the Scholastic book drives when I was a kid. That was something that I always really looked forward to. I really liked getting the fox tail on a regular basis.
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Wow, auto window tinting really looks like a great way to go!
These are some pretty cool looking production transcripts right here.
You should totally do some online mediation training. I would subscribe in a heartbeat.
Is it orthopedic surgeons who do cosmetic surgeries?
Those old cars have such nice roof racks. I totally wish I could have one.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2013 on Doodling the summer away at wagonized
I totally need to try these step the next time I embark on my drain cleaning. I'm glad to see that there really is a better way.
I would totally go for some new fiberglass doors if I had the money.
You guys look like a really awesome moving company. I bet you would really stand out in Virginia Beach.
Wow, I sure hope they had a good group of movers who made the process smooth. ;)
It is really good to see marriage counselling doing so well these days.
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Wow, I had no idea that these risks existed. I am going to be way nervous when I go to my dentist in Arlington Heights, IL to get them removed next month.
Toggle Commented Jul 26, 2013 on Wisdom Teeth Removal at Eric ray's blog
Man, if I was ever in this kind of a pickle, I would for sure want a personal injury attorney from Greenville, NC to represent me. That really does make all the difference.
I wonder what it is going to be like to sell gold in Albuquerque in the next 20 or so years? This economy is not heading in a good direction, that's for sure.
Toggle Commented Jul 16, 2013 on The Debate about Gold: Be Wary at A Dash of Insight
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Wow, I'm glad that working on sewers in Calgary aren't this complicated. This seems like one too many hoops to be jumping through.
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May 21, 2013