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Nathan Edwards
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Andrea! Sorry for the delay. Yes the cakes turned out fabulous. I had so much - I really over anticipated how much I thought I was going to need. So I ended up freezing one and then thawed it a week or so later. And stilllllll amazing. I made some banana/raisin ice cream to serve with them... just so yum. I think I am going to make a chocolate variety of these next! Today I am going to make your potato cakes :D
Andrea! I have made the mixture and my pies (I have made 3 - two dinner parties over the next two days plus one to have a little try on) are currently in the oven. I don't think I am going to be disappointed with the result! I had a spoonful or five of the liquid before putting into the trays - woah! Brilliant. I this with peanut milk that I make and included the coconut milk. So excited to try. Just over an hour until the oven goes off...
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May 26, 2013