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Las Vegas, NV
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I always wondered why so many musicians seem to gravitate to photography? I certainly wouldn't compare myself to Kenny Rogers, but those are my two passions as well. I don't understand why though.
Yes, technical quality does not make a poor image great, and a lack of technical quality does not make a great image poor.
The flip side, when all is bright, the sun is shining, is "this shall pass too."
Toggle Commented Mar 20, 2020 on This Too Shall Pass at The Online Photographer
Great advice Mike! I finally pulled the trigger on a Nikon Z6 after having settled on the Sony A7III up until I arrived at Best Buy in San Bernardino. I couldn't believe I changed my mind at the last minute like that. The Nikon was 200 bucks cheaper plus I really wanted that 50/1.8 S Z lens. The Zeiss 55/1.8 was causing me too much consternation. I'm thrilled with my decision! All I need now is the 14-30 f4 S landscape lens and the 85/1.8 S portrait lens :-).
Hey Mike, it seems that you're confusing film photography with digital photography, analog with digital. Film photography is inherently simple: you're exposing a strip of celluloid to light and then exposing light sensitive paper to light through a negative. Digital is way more complex with more controls, algorithms, and so forth. You can make film photography simple and still obtain great results; if you dumb down digital photography you end up with a cell phone camera. I think if you want simplicity just shoot film. To wish for digital to be simple is like wishing that women thought more like men. It's just not the nature of the beast :-).
Hey Mike, I believe it's more important to figure out what you're going to photograph, or what the assignment requires, before worrying about equipment or technique. Once you know what you're trying to accomplish photographically, the question answers itself. The subject is more important and pressing than the equipment.
Me too on the Z6 Mike. Actually I'm "agonizing" between that and the Sony A7III.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2020 on The New Nikon D6 at The Online Photographer
Hey Mike, the photography thing. If you have compelling subject matter that absolutely needs to be photographed, all the consternation about the current state of photography falls away. Plus, having that subject, you will strive to equip yourself with tools that render the best image quality possible, like full frame, for example, instead of debating whether APS-C is good enough. Whatever is the state of photography becomes irrelevant. The subject takes front and center--everything else evaporates. [What you say is true. --Mike]
Tough to argue against the case you made :-). But I'm opposite of the person who likes everything: I only like Nick Drake, more or less, and only one of his three albums: Pink Moon. I keep saying to myself, "what else is there?"
I like the photograph; it's ok. It's just one idea from one photographer.
Pardon me Mike, I digress, but here's your ideal Fuji X prime lens set: Fuji XF 14/2.8 R Fuji XF 23/2.0 R WR Fuji XF 35/1.4 R Fuji XF 56/1.2 R
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2020 on The Hasselblad 45P at The Online Photographer
The APS-C (Fuji) dilemma :-).
Toggle Commented Jan 14, 2020 on Big Bokeh on a Budget at The Online Photographer
Fuji beat Nikon to the punch, and Fuji is what Nikon should be had Nikon been on their toes. It's like Manny Paquiao fighting George Foreman.
Toggle Commented Dec 3, 2019 on New Look for Nikons at The Online Photographer
Hey Mike, you're craving sugar because your body is not adapted to burning fat as a fuel source. Look into IF (Intermittent Fasting). Sugar craving is also a symptom of a lack of sodium. Your body needs sodium in a 1 to 2 ratio with potassium.
Hey Mike, I've finally made it as a pro photographer! Really, I'm a flatbed semi truck driver who hauls lumber to construction sites, locally, in Las Vegas. Actually, I have to photograph the lumber units as a forklift driver removes them from the trailer. It's proof that 84 Lumber fulfilled their order obligation. Sometimes framing companies claim they didn't receive their stuff; well, the photographs I take offer proof. CYA. My camera of choice is a Google Pixel 3XL. I gotta tell ya though that Google did a brilliant job with their camera app software. My lumber photos really stand out in juxtaposition to the other drivers, er, I mean the other pro photographers 😁. I'm like the Ansel Adams of lumber landscapes hahaha. I finally made it! 😀👍 [Congratulations Jeff! :-) --Mike]
Hey Mike, it's still always calories in versus calories burned, but I'm talking about body composition. If you're spiking insulin with a diet rich in carbs you will carry more fat versus lean muscle than if you kept insulin flatlined. Insulin prevents fat burning enzymes from working plus you lose out on your body producing growth hormone which has fat burning and anti-aging properties. Regards!
Hey Mike, both statements are true. You only need carbohydrates in the form of say leafy green vegetables for their vitamins and minerals which you could supplement instead. Carbs ARE unessential. The body without carbs will switch to burning fat and converting the fat into ketones. Carbs are converted to sugar in which some are used for energy and the rest are stored as body fat. If you're consuming a good amount of carbs just look in the mirror: are you lean with lean muscle or flabby. Eliminating carbs and using fat and some protein for energy will transform your body into a lean, ripped machine. [Hi Jeff, you've fallen for some unfortunately common misinformation. You can't gain weight eating more rice. If you yourself are overweight at all, try this experiment (because I don't want to advocate eating rice): without changing anything about your current diet--that is, without compensating by eating additional rich foods, but without attempting to curtail your normal eating either--add 14 slices of whole-grain bread to your diet each day for six weeks. Make sure it's real whole grain bread and has low sugar. Eaten plain. You will lose weight. Try it for yourself. --Mike]
Hey Mike, rice is a carbohydrate that spikes insulin causing the body to store carbohydrates as fat while simultaneously shutting down growth hormone and fat burning enzymes--plus carbohydrates are unessential. [Neither of these statements is true at all! You can't survive without carbohydrates. --Mike]
Nice creative writing in paragraph three.
Toggle Commented Nov 11, 2018 on And So It Begins at The Online Photographer
Just send your money to your government and they’ll control the sun.
It’s easy to get hung up on tools, especially guitars and cameras, but really they are more or less typewriters for inputting what’s in the artist’s heart, mind, and soul. Different flavors and colors can be added with different tools, like your wonderful old Martin, or even Mike’s Exacta 66, but essentially, and the symbiosis between artistic tools, is that they are used to express the person using them.
The Pentax SF1n, and its stripped down sister, the SF1, were pretty nice off-the-radar cameras. You could back up either one with a K1000 and you were all set.
Looks like the red chair is under the weather. [ :-) --Mike]
Che? Really? Mr.Turnley is a naive propagandist.
I don't deny that climate changes (has been since climate existed), but for politicians/ globalists to confiscate and redistribute wealth, using scare tactics and phony promises, is insidious evil.