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Stephanie Gottwald
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Well, I do not have as dramatic a story to tell, however, I do have an opinion on this issue. My opinion is formed by my background in the field of education research and as a Mom whose daughter just graduated from high school. Her birthday is three days before the cut-off. I sent her off to school at 5. She seemed so ready. She knew her letters and was very social. But in 3rd and 4th grade she started to have significant reading and math problems. They eventually subsided with many thousands of dollars of tutoring help and lots of tears and screaming episodes (although that just might have been a natural component of middle school). She came in to her own in high school, which frustrated me even more, because it was a signal that many of her problems were based on developmental properties. Meaning: had she stayed home another year, she probably would have done much better. None of this even begins to cite the issues with driving and dating and other horrors of teenage years that she participated in a year later than her peers. Do yourself and your son a big favor. Keep him home one more year.
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Jun 12, 2013