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Melissa Klein Coffey
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Alright this is an older post, but I'm doing some internet digging on the PL stuff. I need to know...if you were talking to a person who had never, ever, ever done digital scrapbooking, where would you point them to learn the nuts and bolts. I am talking like the WHOLE digi thing is GREEK to me (In case you were curious, no I don't speak Greek...GEEK, yes, Greek? Not so much.) I am a true minimalist (Okay, I have 7 kids, shut up.) and I love the idea of scrapping (hahaha...that's funny) my HOARD of supplies that are shoved in a closet. I WANT to tell stories and I WANT to capture memories, I just don't want to be a heavy lifter (them storage boxes are have a LOT of stuff) every time I want to scrap. I have NO clue where to start. Like at all. Best resource for the absolute beginner? (Okay, picture the movie Where the Heart Is. How she was reading a photography book, had to look the words up in the dictionary and then had to look THOSE words up in the children's dictionary....that's me and digital scrapbooking.) Help!
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Jun 20, 2013