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I love this post, it almost an anthem. I'm not near the photographer you are (I'm a picture taker! and proud of it) but I love taking pictures every day, dozens of them. Maybe its an obsession, probably is, but I don't watch much television any longer. I just upload pics, post pics, and look at other people's pics. I'm so glad your commenting functionality is working again.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2014 on We The Photographers at Expedition Oklahoma
I'm glad that the company is correcting their mistakes. I love your answer on how to become a photographer. "Take pictures" is great advice. If you don't like taking pictures then go do something else.
I'd say you are learning your lenses pretty fast. These dusty skies with the vaguely pink tones make for some interesting effects. I've never quite got the trick of black and white. The only time I use it is with some of the instagram filters.
Stephens County is the epicenter of the "SCOOP" play ("South Central Oklahoma Oilbearing Province"). As you show, lots of activity, even more to come. Lots of pipelines and compressor stations yet to come. They are using existing refineries instead of new ones for several reasons. It takes a long time to build new ones, and the old ones are tied in to the product distribution grid. However, SCOOP crude, Miss Lime crude, and Bakken oil are very "light" and not suited to existing refineries which were designed for heavy sour crude from overseas. It will be interesting to see where it will all shake out.
You really were sufferring for your art. I hope that you are better now. I've only been up on the drive once and I loved it. The problem is all the traffic. Especially the Harley's. I found a bunch of the geocaches when I went so I was up and down the trails and just like most places, if you go a 100 yards down the trail you are all by yourself. I love your photography. I am enjoying seeing your work with the wide angle lens. I've taken over 34,000 pics with my point and shoots and I have a long ways to go before I'll be ready, if ever, for a DSLR. Up to now I've always thought the long lens would be the reason to upgrade. Looking at your pics I am thinking I would like to experiment with the wide angle. Oklahoma has lots of opportunities for wide angle lens I think.
I love the pics and your comments. Those old time machines are very cool. The new ones are cool if a bit creepy. My South Dakota farming relatives tell of tractors and equipment that are unmanned and using computers and gps technology can drill seed for corn or harvest or anything else all by their lonesome.
I enjoyed your photos but was really interested in your comments and quotes. Our freedom is an illusion I believe. We are losing our privacy more and more. I hear so often "If you haven't done anything wrong then you have nothing to worry about."
Outings like yours are really great for getting my head on straight. I love taking pictures and then taking more pictures, then more. Often photos that I thought I would love just don't do it for me and others that were kind of offhand just kind of grown on me. I've got over 30,000 images on flickr and I remember taking ever single one of them.
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2013 on Oh July! at Expedition Oklahoma
Great shots, I love how your fisheye got the whole scene instead of just the fireworks. I built a compressor station near Bray years ago for another employer.
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2013 on Bray Fireworks 2013 at Expedition Oklahoma
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Jun 21, 2013