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A proper response to a musing on what might have been requires me to look back on my own life and the fact that I'm currently a 58 year old virgin with no prospects for a family and only sustenance income, which makes creating new things for the benefit of humanity difficult for me and impossible for my bloods. But I can claim success in starting two true churches by mail this year, one among teens and another in prison, so I have bloods or children by faith and more coming. A true church differs vastly from a traditional denomination by doing what Jesus did the best we can, instead of naming and claiming it but actually following Paul's least in the Kingdom example and teaching other ministries than the Creator's, and as for material contributions to the world I am working on a robot which I hope will give everyone the benefits of being wealthy without needing money.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2013 on Blame Humans, Not God at Susan's Musings
From my perspective the election between Obama and Romney was between the devil and the devil, so I voted for an independent, knowing he couldn't win. Romney is a Mormon and I made a commitment to God to have nothing to do with Mormons after this experience. Years ago I allowed some Mormons in my home and was given a Book Of Mormon a.k.a. "the BOM" and set it on my night stand. I never opened it again, but merely saw it as U went to bed each night. Unfortunately that became like a spiritual allergy - the more times I saw it, the longer I lay awake each night praying away the darkness that was growing. Eventually I stayed awake the whole night and gave up to God who then set my eyes on the book and reminded me of a spiritual teaching that demons come through false pictures of Jesus. So I threw it out and committed to have nothing to do with Mormons. Years later when Romney was running I argued against him on a forum and eventually learned of the verses where the alleged "alternate testimony of Jesus" actually was in the BOM and I read enough to compare them with the words of Jesus in the Gospels. It was an obvious fake, not the precise intent and tone Jesus conveyed. So I learned the BOM is indeed a false picture of Jesus. Of course the logic then came if Romney is willing to fake his own spiritual life, the thing that is most important, wouldn't he also fake other things? To be brief Obama may be worse but perhaps an incompetent devil is slightly better than a smart devil? In any case I do like your Charlie Brown analogy. What is needed is Newt as chair of the Republican Party - which I messaged his daughter. We also need a complete spiritual reformation as explained here. I hope you'll enjoy seeing Jesus the creator as absolute perfection in human form who we should all know and grow into as much as possible. If America does this, we should then elect better government like our founders did.
Toggle Commented Jul 3, 2013 on Charlie Brown Republicans at Susan's Musings
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Jun 27, 2013