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Marcelita Swann
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I keep returning to your vist to Illiers-Combray...the children echo Marcel and Robert's curiosity, surrounded by nature. It's also rare to see a photograph of a nearby wheatfield. "Adrien Proust used to lead his sons Marcel and Robert south of Illiers, out towards Vieuvicq and Tansonville, passing 'fields of wheat undulating under the sharp wind that seemed to arrive in a straight line from Chartres.'" "...the Guermantes way with its river full of tadpoles, its water-lilies and buttercups, formed for me for all time the contours of the countrysides where I would like to live, where I demand above all else that I may go fishing, drift about in a boat, see ruins of Gothic fortifications and find among the wheatfields a church, like Saint- Andre-des-Champs, monumental, rustic and golden as a haystack; and the cornflowers, the hawthorns, the apple trees that I still happen, when traveling, to come upon in the fields..." Volume 1 (Penguin Classics Deluxe Edition) Marcel Proust; Lydia Davis. "A passing breath of air, more fragrant than the rest, seemed to bring me a message from her, as, long ago, from Gilberte in the wheatfields of Méséglise." "The Guermantes Way" by Marcel Proust (Modern Library) Naturally, your "Reading Proust in Berekley" is one of my favorite blogs. Sadly, not one of our Eastern reading groups serve wine, but I think a member of the Proust Society in Boston (Hollie Harder's led groups at the Boston Athenaeum) visited last year and came back with tales. I recently visited Illiers-Combray, but felt a desire to return to your see my own.
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Jul 7, 2013