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Sarah Waldock
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Wonderful detail... I'm afraid though my warped sense of humour wants to put a caption on the last picture: "A woman of firm and instant decisions. If she's taking, 'yes' if she's giving, 'no'."
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2014 on The Height of Fashion at Medieval manuscripts blog
The first thing that struck me was recollection of the old nursery rhyme, 'four-and-twenty tailors went to fight a snail' and I wondered if there was any connection. Now with the Lazarus thing I'm seeing a possibility of a tenuous connection as one of the explanations of the 24 tailors rhyme is that it was originally 9 and of course 9 tailors [tellers] make a man, the strokes tolled for a dead man on the bells...
Toggle Commented Sep 26, 2013 on Knight v Snail at Medieval manuscripts blog
my hat is off to the decipherers, I can pick out some words here and there is all!
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Jul 13, 2013