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SIlicon Valley, CA
Interests: High Tech and Emerging Green Tech
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Come on guys, let's end the pissing contest on this blog. What is the argument about anyway? I own two gas hogs: an SUV and a sports car with large engine. These get less than 20mpg. The cost of feeding the petro beasts keeps rising every year. My next cars will be (1) an electric vehicle that plugs in for local commuting and shopping and (2) a diesel powered SUV for longer trips and hauling stuff (when it finally comes out in an affordable product closer to 40mpg). Meanwhile, thanks everyone else who can drive Priuses, electric cars, public transportation, and everything else that saves (my) gas! Someday I'll join you but for now my cars are old, paid for, practical, running and they are fun to drive and buying new cars will cost $$$. I don't understand the mentality of the petro hogs (I am one) who don't appreciate others' environmental and conservation concerns. If you were in an ice cream shop and wanted to eat a triple scoop of chocolate chip ice cream, would you want everyone else in line to order the same, and would you encourage those at the back of the line to cut in front to do that too? No. But that's what the world oil market is today. There is only a finite "carton" of oil... it's NOT renewable, we just drill and get at more of a finite, declining resource every year until it's gone. Meanwhile, everyone else on the planet is buying cars, especially China and India, and adding to the demand, while we gripe about the price of gas and make up conspiracy theories about why oil costs more every year. So when you go to fill up your Chevy Suburban petro beast, be thankful for those driving a Prius or a Chevy Spark. They are not the enemy! They are leaving more for the rest of us who are still addicted, and helping to pay for and advance the technology that we will all be using someday.
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Jul 19, 2013