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I'm generally a huge fan of this blog and its posters. However, the bulk of the comments to this post sound like something out of the denial-sphere: Quick dismissal of the scientific consensus, claiming one is much more credible than the experts because you eyeballed a graph and extrapolated it, creating a strawman by ignoring important points (E.g., Walt Meier's observation that the models predict occasional large downward spikes but that revert to the long-term trend, so having years like 2007 and 2012 is to be expected), quick dismissal of studies that go against the beliefs of the forum, etc. It is perfectly possible for climate scientists to be wrong and for non-climate scientists to identify that, so we absolutely should be challenging Dr. Meier's post. At the same time, full-time climate scientists (Note: I am not a climate scientist) have an incredibly deep understanding of climate issues informed by wide-ranging knowledge of the data and its suitability for statistical inference. The point I stop reading a "skeptical" blog is when it dismissively claims to have overturned the main body of scientific belief based on a simple one-sentence refutation as if climate scientists were idiots. While there have been some comments here that engage the thinking of the scientific community, many IMHO casually dismiss it rather than constructively challenging it, which is what I'd expect on WUWT. It feels very out-of-character for the posters here.
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Aug 1, 2013