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Manchester, UK
Architect and MD of Branding and communication agency
Interests: Architecture, strategic branding, physics, and much more
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Noddi 28...daft screen name, sorry about that. In performance, as much else in life, authenticity is everything. It is what imprints on the mind and has lasting quality. The pleasure is mine, thank you for taking the time to kindly reply. Once again, Best Wishes Paul
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Aug 10, 2013
Dear Laurel Please excuse the intrusion. By a chance remark from a friend a couple of months ago, I was reminded of, 1978/9 or thereabouts, and the sensational music you produced with Manhattan Transfer. To be specific it was a legendary appearance on 'Top of the Pops' on the BBC that had popped into his mind. I was 19 around that time and just starting my studies in Architecture in the UK. Suffice to say I was transfixed by this gorgeous flame haired singer! (That was quite an embarrassing admission from a 53 year old - please excuse my candour, but there it is.) I was unaware of what subsequently happened, and was delighted to see you still performing Jazz classics, and other more exploratory work. I chanced upon your blogs, very insightful and touching - you have a gift. To get to the point, I cannot help but think you should write the book. You clearly have the talent. And I am sure you could make a truly original statement. I am really unaccustomed to writing to someone out of the blue like this, but thought it important to say. My partner ( who I met in 1979, but were parted for 30 years until recently) writes, so I know this is not a small thing to suggest! Once again please excuse the intrusion Good luck with the music et al With regards Paul
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Aug 10, 2013